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Measurement at the Speed of Data

In a world that is saturated with more and more branded content, it has become increasingly important for brands to deliver consistently successful pieces that meet objectives and keep audiences engaged. Each engagement, whether it lasts a few seconds or several minutes, is an opportunity to validate the impact of the content as well as the work that has gone into its creation. That being said, the measurement of success in branded content is a vital process from start to finish, and helps to shape future creative directions and publishing partnerships.

But what about brands that are interested in the success of current campaigns? While measuring success and performance is a key influence on the next campaign, brands should also be able to gauge content performance in real-time for even deeper insight and perhaps further action. In other words, brands need measurement at the speed of data.

Then vs Now

Traditional brand lift studies have been a fixture in content measurement for decades–these control/exposed popups compare the reactions of a polled control group to those who have seen a brand’s content in order to quantify change in perception. While sound in method, CMOs and their teams have often lamented the rigidity of the studies as well as the time it takes to complete them. Receiving the results of a brand lift study 3 months after the completion of a campaign can certainly inform the basic level of success, but cannot help to turn a faltering campaign into a thriving one.

Knotch aims to provide brands with insights that can be used at a moment’s notice to ensure that campaigns are performing at their absolute best at all times. Through a multitude of ever-updating dashboard views and customizable exports, paired with both quantitative and qualitative data, brands can pinpoint successes and failures on a piece, campaign, or theme level as their audiences digest their content.

The traditional content measurement paradigm has forced CMOs, creative teams, and agencies to focus on hindsight rather than insight for too long, and has greatly undervalued the opportunity to pivot content strategy within a campaign’s lifetime.

The Importance of Pivoting

If everything went according to plan in the branded content space, there would be no need for content measurement. The unpredictable nature of audience reactions requires brands to be flexible and open to change throughout the lifetime of a campaign so that goals are met and audiences are satisfied. Whether it is a distribution channel pulling in unengaged visitors, the wording in a title alienating a piece’s targeted audience, or a piece resonating along political boundaries, content strategy can be altered to better meet the objectives of a piece with the help of real-time data.

Each engagement is an opportunity to further deliver on content objectives, and each negative response is a chance to adapt to feedback. Knotch’s commitment to delivering measurement at the speed of data ensures that brands are getting the best results out of their work and that audiences are always heard.