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Measuring the Impact of the Super Bowl

Last week was the Super Bowl of the advertising world, which happens to also be the Super Bowl. No other event comes close to matching viewership across America, and there’s certainly no advertising discussion bigger than the commercials premiering throughout the game. To celebrate, we gathered some friends at our HQ, threw together a cheese board and watched ads at our second annual “Measuring the Impact of the Super Bowl” event.

After sending a survey of 11 commercials to 3,000 marketers, and using Knotch Units to measure sentiment, we gathered a squad of industry vets to dissect the commercials with keen eyes. Joining Anda Gansca, our CEO, were Gary Vaynerchuk, President of VaynerX, Stacy Taffet, VP of Marketing at Pepsico, and moderator Laura Molen, President of Ad Sales and Partnerships at NBC Universal.

The commercials were played for the audience, prompting an energetic discussion about the value of the Super Bowl for brands, which commercials garnered the highest sentiment and why, and what makes a successful Super Bowl ad.

The answer? Well… it depends.

There’s no secret formula, but for now most brands are relying on big name celebrities or pledging commitment to social issues. What is certain, is that brands are going to continue paying top dollar. Gary Vaynerchuk even declared his willingness to pay $10 million for 30 seconds, near double what an ad this year cost.

It’s exciting to think about what the commercials will look like next year, and what trends and events from 2019 will affect the Super Bowl.

Until then, watch this year’s panel above!