Independently and transparently collect content performance data, paired in real-time with critical consumer sentiment through content investment measurement.

Comprehensive Overviews
Know what content types, themes and distribution channels are working best and how to optimize them in real-time.
Cross-Platform Comparisons
Aggregate content analytics across owned content hubs and paid partnerships.
Holistic Audience & Performance Data
Combine high-level volume metrics with attitudinal feedback, engagement, conversion and demographic / psychographic info in real-time.
Audience Awareness
Understand how your customers engage, behave, and feel around each piece of your content
Actionable Insights
Collect 1st party data to optimize, build strategy, and power DMP and CRM platforms with enhanced segmentation around audience feedback.

Prove and improve the impact of your content investment

Simplify the evaluation of content marketing performance and eliminate dependence on unreliable, third party data. With Knotch Measurement you consolidate data collection and analysis across all the metrics that matter and all the paid and owned distribution channels you have a content presence on. We integrate seamlessly with your content, enhancing interactivity and engagement, while measuring ROI.
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