Aggregate independent, verified, and predictive intelligence to power your content planning process.

In-Depth Examinations
Search and discover content investments across brands, publishers, or industries with detailed information.
Competitive Analysis
Garner insight into the competition's content strategy, publishing cadence and themes.
Partnership Matchmaking
Consider potential publisher collaborators while planning new content and marketing strategies.
Content Planning
Identify whitespace and refine messaging, while collecting inspiration from the best content campaigns in your industry vertical.

The ultimate content planning product

Blueprint bolsters your content plans with real-time insights, proprietary data, and artificial intelligence. A discovery and competitive AI-powered intelligence engine for your digital content. Blueprint creates predictive intelligence for your planning process, matches you with premier publishers, and helps uncover the best creative themes for your content strategy. Vet distribution partners, search and follow your competitors’ digital content investments, and understand your position across the marketplace. Blueprint lifts the shroud covering the content marketing industry, showing you the full picture.
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